Why Do Painters Wear White?

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Why do painters wear whites

Why do painters wear whites

There is no single answer. Grizzled old union painters as well as younger pros all agree that professional painters in Kansas City wear "painters whites" - but there doesn't seem to be a clear history. Here are some theories:

  • Whites distinguish painters from other trades.
  • White indicates cleanliness to customers.
  • Clean whites indicates skill to other painters.
  • White and other light colors are those most commonly chosen for the widest range of applications.
  • White is more comfortable in the summer sun.
  • Before paint was whitewash - not as noticeable on a white uniform.
  • Spackle, plaster, caulk and other common trade materials are all white.
  • White clothing is economical - costs less than dyed clothing.
  • Easy cleaning - white cloth can be bleached easier than colored clothing.

All of the painters at Crestwood wear painters pants and a clean Crestwood uniform shirt. Some of the guys prefer Crestwood baseball hats, some prefer floppy "bucket" hats to help stay out of the sun. Either way, the nice people at KC Screenprint do all the embroidery.

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