Our Story

Since 2007, this is who we are

Year after year, it's paid off: we're in our 16th year and business is booming. We continue to get rave reviews, feedback & testimonials. Customers tell their friends about us.

And it all starts with:

Solid People

Every company succeeds with their people. At Crestwood Painting we patiently wait for the right people. Technical skills are assumed - a painter should, of course, competently sand, fill, caulk, scrape, brush and roll. We also look for the soft skills: neat appearance, courtesy, respectful of others, etc. Because when a painter is in your home you want to be confident that both your family and your home are protected and respected.

Some companies compromise. Usually, it's too many jobs and not enough people - this happens all the time. And it's the customer that suffers. Read more about that here.

Insurance & Licensing

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Crestwood Painting has had, from the very beginning, a KCMO business license as well as full insurance - both business liability and workman's compensation insurance. And we send a copy of that insurance along with every single proposal we send out. So you have confidence from the get-go.

Painting is a relatively dangerous occupation, insurance is expensive and many painting companies don't buy insurance. They just hope that nothing will go wrong. But when a gallon spills on your hardwood floor or a ladder crashes onto your convertible, it's good to know you're portected.

What's in a Name?

After starting in '07 we needed a name but the obvious "Brookside Painting" URL was taken by a company in Brooklyn. Really. So I sat for a long cup of coffee with my marketing expert pal and we eventually settled on "Home Tones". As in Home painting and Tones of color. We were quite pleased.

I came home and burst through the door with the announcement. My beloved wife and daughter, in unison, said things like "Oh no" and "you've got to be kidding". They are not marketing experts. In less than 5 minutes they told me the company would be called Crestwood Painting. I shrewdly agreed.

("Crestwood" is another classic Kansas City neighborhood within Brookside, snuggled in just south of UMKC at Oak St.)
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Schedule Driven

Best to look for a company that sets expectations for painters as effectively as those for customers. Those things that are expected of every service company, but often not delivered:

Many of the top contractor complaints are schedule related. These include inconsistent work hours and days, inconsistent crews, inconsistent work practices. All of this means the project drags on.

What is No Drips, No Drama?

Early on, a homeowner saw us working down the street. After a couple of days he came over and asked for an estimate. After the usual measuring and counting he was asked: "What are you sensitive to? What do you want to avoid?"

He said "I don't want any drama - just paint my house."

So we painted. And he paid us. And then left a great Google review. That's it.

Why do people have to ask for a No Drama experience? Because they've already had a Drama Contractor - one burn and you learn.

No Drips, No Drama means

Give us a call and see for yourself how pleasant it is to work with true service professionals.

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