Our Story - Who We Are

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Since 2007 we've focused on:

So far, it's paid off:

The business geeks say that's not enough. So here's the rest of the story:

Solid People

Every company succeeds with their people. At Crestwood Painting we patiently wait for the right people, then we carefully screen to be sure. Only then does the training start - Core Values, customer service, role playing, safety, painting techniques, etc.

Of course, some companies compromise when they hire and it's usually the customer that suffers. Read more about that below...


Insurance & Licensing

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What's in a Name?

Just after deciding to start a business, one must decide on a name. "Brookside Painting" seemed like a great choice but the web URL was taken by a business in Brooklyn.

So I sat for a long cup of coffee with my marketing expert pal and we eventually settled on "Home Tones". As in mostly (then) Home painting and Tones of color. We were quite pleased. Nice, right?

I burst through the door with the announcement and it wasn't good. From my beloved wife and daughter I heard things like "horrible" and "you've got to be kidding" - and they're not even marketing experts.

In less than 5 minutes and without benefit of caffeine the ladies told me the company would be called Crestwood Painting. I said "OK" - and that was it.

Take a look here to read about where No Drips, No Drama came from.

Schedule Driven

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Best to look for a company that sets expectations for employees as effectively as those for customers. Those things that are expected of every service company, but often not delivered:

Among the top contractor complaints are schedule related. If you goof and hire a contractor that's not schedule-driven you'll likely see:

More Info?

Give us a call and see for yourself how pleasant it is to work with true professional painters.

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