Paint Estimates - Drop In or Drop Off?

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People sometimes assume a painter can stop by, check out their house and leave an estimate in the mail box. Here's what can go wrong with that approach.

Most exterior paint projects will cost several thousand dollars. A contractor that drops off a quick price is likely to give that very same level of attention to your project should he get the job.

But, how confident are you

  • That you'll get everything you expect?
  • That the job will be completed safely?
  • That they've got the business skill to complete the job
  • That you'll have a No Hassle and No Drama experience?

Every homeowner wants a professionally completed project at a very attractive price. But price is only one factor - most people will be very unhappy if they pay less and then also get less.  What's your level of trust? What's your gut say?

  • Who are their workers?
  • What's the track record?
  • What's their attention to detail?
  • Do they show up on time?
  • Do they work every day?
  • Can the clearly communicate?

It's important to get to know (and be confident in) whom you'll be doing business with. That's why our Crestwood Painting proposal will come after we've completely discussed both your expectations and the available options. Call us today - and tell us how you do business.

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