Kut the Krud

Clean paint Krud Kutter The "secret" weapon in our cleaning arsenal.

Interior painting in Kansas City starts with prep work and that prep work starts with cleaning. Krud Kutter is the cleaning solution of choice for Crestwood Painting. Whether there are layers of dust on base molding or kid grunge on kitchen cabinets, this is the first line of attack. Armed with a toothbrush (yes, really), spray bottle and a clean rag it makes short work of an unpleasant task.

  • No chemical residue
  • No wax, no silicone, no ammonia
  • Very low odor
  • Skin-friendly

As important as what it removes (almost everything) is what Krud Kutter leaves behind – almost nothing. Silicones and waxes can affect adhesion and appearance in the finish coat. Where most other cleaners should be rinsed off to eliminate that possibility, there is no need with Krud Kutter.

Here’s an Insider Tip: soak paint brushes that won’t quite come clean in a solution of 40% KK and 60% water. Very often five minutes will do it, but overnight for tough cases. The bristles are near factory soft and the brush is ready to cut clean lines on your next project. We keep a wide-mouth jar near the washtub for just such occasions.

Give us a call - we'd love to clean before painting your home!

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