Holiday Decorating Tips to Not Damage Your New Paint

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Holiday decorating kansas city painted trim The right tape will help prevent damage to interior painted trim when decorating for the Holidays.

You're ready to hang the mistletoe, right? But you're not ready to risk any damage to your beautiful interior trim. Tape is the answer.

Not just any tape - make sure you use delicate surface tape. 3M's version has an orange cardboard core; their standard painter's tape may be too aggressive in some situations. If you find the delicate surface tape isn't quite enough, you can always upgrade.

Now, here's the trick: make a loop in the tape to wrap around the wire (or ornament hook or whatever) and then stick the tape to the top edge of your trim. When it's time for removal pull gently at 45 degrees.

Outside decorating? Nails are a little more acceptable, provided they're placed properly. The top edge of exterior trim is less noticeable than the face. Also, it's best to use stainless steel nails. They cost a bit more but, come next year, you won't see the tell-tale Holiday Rust Stains from this years nails.

Best to not use duct tape - it's very aggressive and often leaves sticky goo on removal.

Now, off to send cards to friends and family.

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