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Builders paint poo quality Home builders are notorious for using "builder grade" (poor quality) exterior paint. Paint so bad that it starts to deteriorate after the last check clears. Here's what's going on and what can be done to remedy the situation.

Builders (and some homeowners) apply poor quality paint because it simply costs less. Then the homeowner finds that their new house doesn't look so good after a couple of years - the paint film breaks down from weather and the sun's UV rays – even bird poop. It loses sheen, the surface gets chalky and you can often see the substrate right through the paint film.

house paint weathered kansas city Solid stain applied 2 years ago has weathered poorly in KC North.

Bad paint costs less because there’s less “stuff” in the can:

  • Stuff that forms a thick and durable, protective film
  • Stuff that helps shed dirt
  • Stuff that provides long-lasting color retention
  • Stuff the ensures the new color completely covers the old color

If these things are missing the paint just won’t perform – and you’ll be repainting way sooner than you should. Who pays for that kind of economy? Why, the homeowner, of course!

Here’s how to fix the builder’s exterior paint situation:

  • Pressure wash to remove surface dirt and chalk paint residue
  • Apply a top-quality, 100% acrylic latex paint
  • Read the label: if it says two coats, you’re wasting time and money by applying only one coat.
  • If it says one coat, congratulations! You’ve purchased top-quality paint – money well spent!

Good News / Bad News: It  can be fixed. But it cost somebody time and money.

Call Crestwood Painting if you think our skills might be a good fit for your situation.

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