Why are Exterior Paint Colors Important?

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Exterior paint colorsHere is this year's final exterior color update from Kansas City's best color consultant - Diane Stewart at Color Sense Consulting. We routinely hear high praise from customers that have worked with Diane. She's pleasant, knowledgeable and really listens to what's important to her clients.

Why Exterior Paint Colors Are Important

When people drive by, they notice the color first! Color evokes emotions and is like a code or unspoken language. It makes an instantaneous impression, and sends a message about your style. The message should be a positive one which reflects how you present yourself and your family to the world.

But, if the color scheme is off, even a great paint job won’t look good. Having a boring, unusual, or unattractive color scheme can make it harder to sell. But, having an interesting, appropriate, and attractive one can add value to your home. (Some experts say nearly ten percent.)

This is the time of year when many people are having their home exteriors painted. This can be an expensive proposition, and if the colors aren’t right, everybody will see it. It’s a lot of square footage, which can really magnify colors. It’s important to get it right since you’re likely to be stuck with it for years.

A Color Horror Story

However, one client had her house painted, then was horrified to see that the gray she had chosen actually looked lavender on the house! (She didn’t know that gray can have blue, green, or purple undertones.) She’s an interior designer, and thought she could predict what the color would look like.

But, knowing how important color is, she sucked it up, hired me to tweak the color scheme, and is paying to have it repainted! While I admire her for being able to admit she made a mistake, if she had hired an experienced color consultant in the first place, she wouldn’t be paying for another paint job.

A color consultation can save you time, money, and energy. Get the colors right from the start by calling Diane Stewart at 913-284-6621.

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