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Painter JakeFor the second summer in a row, Jake (our favorite college student) has returned to his natural state as a studious Missouri Tiger. Finance or some other dry-but-potentially-rewarding field.

Jake is an agreeable, easy-going guy that just grinned when the guys suggested he stay and paint rather than go back to school. He didn't blabber all day, he showed up on time and worked like a horse. All that and everybody liked him, too.

One of our lead painters grew up in California's Central Valley picking vegetables and fruit with his family. He's no stranger to hard work and so it was high praise when he said of Jake: "That kid just works. All. Day. Long. He never complains".

Summer jobs can be folding shirts at The Gap or keyboarding at a marketing gig. These somehow lack the life experience gained through knowing first-hand the value and honor of hard work. Jake gave much over the summer; let's hope he took even more.

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