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About Crestwood Painting

Since 2007, Crestwood Painting has provided friendly, professional painting to the KC area. We work with professionals and homeowners who appreciate competence and professionalism. Our clients love that we deliver a hassle-free experience and that we are respectful, neat, careful, and keep them up-to-date about their home improvement projects. We love making our customers happy and satisfying their needs by providing a predictably wonderful experience. Of course, we are good painters, and we take the most pride in hearing we exceeded customers' expectations and delivered a surprisingly high level of service.

Our Work

Crestwood Painting does repaint work - primarily older homes and offices. New construction is left for those few companies that do it well.

We clearly explain to customers (and our painters) the work that will be done. Then we do that work. Customers are happy enough to leave great reviews, and our painters like the steady pace and easy-going atmosphere.

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