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"How much time do you have?" was the answer when a TV reporter asked for a comment on the effect weather has had on our business. Lindsay Shively (KSHB Fox 41 News) called at 10am, I was in front of a camera at 10:30 and we had a rain shower at 11!

Here's the transcript and the link to the video:

The wet weather is wreaking havoc with the schedule of one local painting business.

A crew from Crestwood Painting said they've been dodging the rain for weeks.

"It's minute by minute," owner Mike Kelly said. "You just don't know, we might have to fold up and go home in 20 minutes."

He might have jinxed himself with that one. Minutes after Kelly made that statement, the rain started pouring, and the painters had to scramble to pack up their equipment.

The Brookside home they were working on was only supposed to take eight days to finish, but now the crew doesn't know when they'll get it done. Earlier this year, a four-day project in Prairie Village took six weeks to complete because of rain delays.

Kelly said the weather is making work difficult for his hourly employees.

"I tell the guys to plan on one day a week where we're going to have rain, but when we have two and three and four days, it goofs up business, certainly, but it goofs up their family budget, which is really a difficult thing to deal with," he explained.

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