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Painting commercial hospital retirement

Unexpected Niceties

Met a very nice man to discuss removing grass cloth wallpaper in his home. We quickly struck up a pleasant and wide-ranging conversation - first a book, then back to painting, then on to travel, etc. Add this to the "Why I love my job" list .

I mentioned that we have been doing some ongoing work at a nursing home. This is a new development for our company and is a very enjoyable change of pace from our normal work.

He then asked "which retirement home?" A bit surprised with the question, I answered him. He paused, and then told me that his mother had passed last year and had spent some time in the Alzheimer's unit at the same home.

"They're nice people there, they did a really great job for our family." A bit of an awkward moment, I now saw our new commercial customer (the care facility) not as a pile of rooms to be painted but as a group of caring individuals that affect families.

Pleasant Surprise

So if you're looking for that next stage in someone's life you might consider Brighton Gardens in Prairie Village. It's clean and well-maintained, and I'll bet they'll do a good job for your family as well.

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