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blue relaxing paint color

This update from Kansas City color consultant Diane Stewart ( gives the low-down on color - relaxing color. We've referred many customers to Diane; if you're in a color quandary please give her a call.

"Many people say they don’t understand color, but they’re affected by it every day whether they realize it or not. Colors evoke emotions, bring up memories, and affect moods. These responses vary, but there are some universal reactions to color.

"There’s a lot of interesting information about color psychology, including a sleep study in the UK by the hotelier Travelodge. They queried 2,000 Britons to investigate the influence of bedroom color in relation to the quality and quality of their sleep. Hotels have a vested interest in knowing what color bedrooms are the most relaxing.

"No surprise, people sleeping in a blue bedroom reported getting the best night’s sleep. Blue is associated with calming sky and water. The study states, “it helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate” which promotes relaxation.

"The second favorable bedroom color was yellow. I’m assuming they don’t mean bright yellow, but more mellow tones. Yellow is a cheerful color which creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

"Green was the third choice. Since it’s associated with nature, green creates a restful environment.

"The fourth and fifth choices were silver, seen as calming, and orange, creating feelings of warmth and assurance.

"The least favorable colors were purple, brown and gray. Purple can be too mentally stimulating, while brown and gray can be dreary and depressing. Apparently, Britons with gray themed bedrooms spent more time in bed shopping online.

"Another interesting finding was that couples who have a caramel colored bedroom décor made love an average of three times per week. In contrast, couples with a passionate red bedroom décor made love just once a week.

"The outside world is stressful, so it helps to make sure bedrooms feel calm and peaceful. If you need help choosing paint colors, give me a call at 913-284-6621."

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