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color of the year 2014 Some day we'll laugh about this...

New colors are declared "trendy" by those that know such things. Usually it warrants nothing more than a harrumph, but in this case it's very clear that somebody got carried away with their Barney/Cookie Monster childhood.

Where would one use such a color? Options are limited as this color will likely induce motion sickness. Maybe a roller coaster? Primary school? Dandy sport coat?

Depending on your appetite for risk you might try this paint color in your living room - but understand the in-laws might not have a positive reaction. Last year's color was a good bit more tolerable.

Crestwood Painting customers are a bit more courageous with color; nonetheless, this year's color of the year might be a bit much. If you do find yourself so possessed please let me know - I'll be over for a photo before we're asked to repaint.

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