What Color Should I Paint My House?

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Professional help means you can see “new” colors before work even gets started.

Color Ideas

You want your home to be stunning - not plain. A good color consultant will be fun to deal with and really know their stuff.

A good color consultant can blend existing materials (brick, stone, sofa cushions, etc.) with new colors. So there's no need to buy furniture - the right paint color can bring everything together.

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One thing to miss just a bit on your living room color, quite another make that same mistake on an entire exterior.

There are several color professional options; it's important to work with someone that specifically has exterior experience. It's one thing to miss just a bit on your living room color, quite another make that same mistake on an entire exterior. This article is another helpful overview of paint colors.

Color Options

Not sure where to start with color options? Try these online tools: Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer and Benjamin Moore's Color Gallery are both helpful color tools.  They are good guides, but it's still best to put paint on the wall rather than rely on a computer monitor.

Samplize will ship full sheet color samples to your door Next Day. Like large post-it notes,you can move from location to location without damage to existing walls. That way you can see colors in different light at different times of day.

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Color Cautions

A garage door is not the place to make a color statement unless your garage door is a true architectural feature. Best to go with the body color of the house so that the large chunk of garage door color doesn't call too much attention to itself.

The same line of thought goes for roof color. Depending on just how much roofline is visible from a normal viewing location, exterior house color choice may be affected.

Color contrast is something to be dialed in just-right. Too little and it will look like trim was intended to match but didn't. Too much contract is jarring (white windows with black trim). Best to go at least two colors apart on a paint chip for a monochromatic scheme.

Neutral colors sometimes aren't so neutral. A color that looks beige on a card might look pink or orange on your house. Always test a paint color (see Samplize above) in various locations a lighting conditions.

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