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What Kind of Painting Do You Do?

There is often a pleasant laugh when the answer is "Well, we'll paint your shoes if you stand still long enough." But every once in a while we stumble on a nice story... This small ranch …

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Nice Painting Review!

This was a review of the painting work we did for a new homeowner. Realtors had a very involved deal and rainy weather made this a bit of a challenge but the rain eventually stopped, the exterior …

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Crestwood in the News!

"How much time do you have?" was the answer when a TV reporter asked for a comment on the effect weather has had on our business. Lindsay Shively (KSHB Fox 41 News) called at 10am, I was in …

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Rave Review!

Our customers are our best advertisement! This was a nice treat on New Years Eve - positive feedback from a lady that didn't hire us! Proposal sent in Feb., last contact was mid-March - then this …