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Nail Pops: What You Should Know

Exterior siding nail - properly set, no moisture infiltration First, let's understand what a "nail pop" is - simply a nail head that protrudes above the surrounding surface. They're usually …


Tips For Dark Paint Colors

'Dja ever notice that deep paint colors don't seem to cover as well as lighter colors? There's a simple reason for this and it involves a recent post about titanium dioxide. Let's say you've chosen a …


Exterior Paint on New Homes

Home builders are notorious for using "builder grade" (poor quality) exterior paint. Paint so bad that it starts to deteriorate after the last check clears. Here's what's going on and what …


Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Updated Golden Oak - this young couple was delighted with the transformation. Golden Oak cabinets are so last century. But re-staining or painting kitchen cabinets is not as straight-forward as …


Painting Interior Trim - Joint Gaps

Something we see quite often on interior projects is the different styles of interior carpentry and the effects that those styles have on a painted finish. Traditional styles tend to hide the effects …


Builders Paint - Why It's Tough to Clean

Builders paint is especially prone to burnish marks and poor cleanability.[/caption] "Builders' Paint" is any low-quality, poorly-applied paint (either outside or inside) that fails to hold …


Old Wood, New Wood & Wood Rot

Poor material selection means this design can only fail. "Wood rot” is a term we hear often. Homeowners in Kansas City often assume that peeling paint or any less-than-ideal appearance is wood …