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Lead Paint: It's Important

THE RRP Rule For homes built before 1978, lead paint may be a factor in how painting work is done. To see that both homeowners and contractors are protected, EPA-accredited training and certification …

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3 Steps to Proper Paint Storage

Properly stored paint can last many years. The leftover (latex) paint in your basement will, sooner or later, become a disposal problem. Here's how to make sure your next can of paint remains in …

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Painting Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar Shake shingles can split if they haven't been cared for. Cedar shake shingles can split and curl when not properly cared for. While replacing damaged shingles sounds straightforward, here's what …

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Gluten Free Paint

Like, whatever! Know what I'm sayin'? Some of the over-used words for 2013. Example: "As artisan painters, Crestwood strives for world-class performance 24/7. At the end of the day, we follow …

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How to Dispose of Old Paint

Best to take old paint to the local recycling center for safe and legal disposal. Painters in Kansas City - whether DIY painters or pro's - all have the same challenge at the end of a job: how to get …