Cabinet Painting

kitchen cabinet painting

The Heart of Your Home

Kitchen cabinets see a lot of action. Styles change, wear and tear happens and before too long a fresh coat is in order. Generally, a new look is preferrable to a new kitchen.

A wonderful job on my kitchen cabinets! They gave an accurate and fair estimate, worked full days and were extremely neat and courteous.

The Cabinet Painting Process

First, there's a careful esti­mate - mea­sure­ments and some questions. Then a frank discussion of what we can and cannot do so you have clear expectations.

Step 2.
You’ll get a clear, com­pre­hen­sive pro­pos­al. Don’t wor­ry: we’ll out­line every step and stage with­out any fuzzy details or hid­den surprises.

Step 3.
Cov­er everything - protect floors, cov­er coun­ters, mask sur­faces, etc. Lots of paper, plastic and tape so those things that shouldn't see paint do not.

Step 4.
Next, clean­ing - degreas­e (fingerprints, peanut butter), sand­, fill, repair as needed, prim­e so the topcoat sticks like crazy. And, finally, the top­coat. Lots of details and every single detail matters.

Step 5.
Once the paint­ing is com­plete, we'll care­ful­ly rein­stall the doors and draw­ers and then door pulls and knobs. We’ll also make any need­ed touch-ups before a final walk-through with you.

Painted cabinets

The Cost to Paint Cabinets in Kansas City

Depends, of course as there are a LOT of variables. Generally, Kansas City kitchens are in the $3500 to $8000 range.

The advantages of painting? It's usually three to five days but there's no tear-out, no mess and no plumbing. Of course, bathroom vanities can be painted too.
kitchen cabinet painting

Cabinet Paint

Professional grade, water-based products are tough-as-nails and very low odor. This is not your father's "latex paint"; these products are highly technical chemical miracles - basically an oil molecule wrapped in a water bubble. The water dries off and you're left with one seriously durable coating. More flexible than older oil-based painted, low odor, water washable and no yellowing either. A sprayed finish means no brush marks for an even and smooth film of paint that will protect for years.

If you have classic "golden oak" cabinets we'll want to discuss how the final painted look and texture fits with your expectations. Oak cabinets have a more open and noticeable natural wood grain; cherry and maple do not. Paint can minimize that texture; extra steps are required to make it disappear.

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