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paint colors crestwood paintingDiane Stewart at Color Sense Consulting is often asked "What is the most versatile color?" Here's her answer:

"Many people would like to know which color is the most foolproof option. There really isn't an easy answer since so many things should be considered when choosing paint colors.

"However, green is the best bet since it’s such a versatile color. It falls right in the middle of the color spectrum, and can easily lean towards blue or yellow variations. We’re used to seeing all types of green mixed up outside, so it seems to go with everything.

"It’s a feel good color: it represents the underlying color of nature, and we feel comforted by it. My favorite quote about green is from Liza Gusler: "It's a great mood enhancer - chlorophyll for the spirit!"

"Green is a good color for bedrooms since it's soothing and gender neutral. It works well in a living or family rooms as a quiet background. Its best attribute is that it goes with so many colors. When used for exteriors, it’s best to tone it down so it won’t compete with the bright yellow-green foliage outside.

"But, it’s not so great for bathrooms. Who wants to wake up and look at themselves in the mirror with the added reflection of green walls? Our self esteem benefits from warmer colors that make us look healthy.

"Here are some common word associations about the color green:

  • Light Green: calm, quiet, soothing, neutral, balanced.
  • Dark Green: nature, trustworthy, refreshing, cool, restful, comforting, stately, quiet, woodsy, money.

"Green is also associated with gardening, sustainable living and environmental issues since it aligns us with the cycles of nature, and encourages us to appreciate the earth. If plants are green and healthy, then life is good!"

Diane is very good at choosing colors that will complement existing colors - whether roof, stone foundation, pillows, etc. This means a unified whole rather than matchy-match or the usual DIY hodge-podge. Give her a call (913-284-6621) or visit her site at colorsenseconsulting.com

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