About Virtual Estimates

House Painting

- at a safe distance.

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First, choose a placeholder time and then fill the short form. Here's what we do on our end, along with some common questions that might be helpful. For now, we're doing exterior work only - cabinets and interior painting are reserved for Nov. through March.

On Your End:

  1. Choose a "maybe" time
  2. Complete the short form

Then We Will:

  1. Take a look - Google Streetview and Google Earth
  2. Count windows and measure house size
  3. Factor in all of your answers
  4. (Possibly) contact with some clarifying questions
  5. Email a detailed proposal with:
    • Total Cost - includes everything
    • What is included - exactly
    • How long it will take
    • What is not included
    • Insurance certificate
    • Lots of clarification so you know just what to expect

The Scope of Work in the proposal you receive exactly matches the Scope out painters work from - so we all have the same clear expectations.

Painting and Covid-19

We're doing all we can so everybody (painters and customers) stays safe. Masks, distance, etc. - we'll revise as things change.

Is there some interior painting on your list? Maybe kitchen cabinets, home office or a rec room? Let's talk about how best to address your specific concerns - we want to be sure to address that.

Frequent "Virtual" Questions